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    Style no longer walks past me, flooding the streets of New York City, into trendy boutiques and charming coffee shops. Instead, here, in Florida, style lies solely in the perfect bathing suit, that swims under the clear crisp waves of the ocean. It seems I have over packed, for I wear no clothes. A perfect day in Florida is one where you can get by the whole day wearing only your bathing suit, and perhaps a light cover up, just incase you are caught in front of a “no shoes, no shirt, no service” sign. I used to drown in black clothes, high heels and red lipstick. Yet here, I long to adopt the essence of a beach bum or a mermaid, to contrast with the swaying palm trees, to soak in the sun with color and skin. Here, I wear homemade jewelry with the shells and sea glass I found on the beach, and that shark tooth I found when I went snorkeling in the reefs of The Florida Keys. I am mostly barefoot and my toes are colored like the sunset. I hide my tired eyes behind funky sunglasses and my salty hair under flappy straw hats. Life is good because it is always warm and the sun always shines, even when it rains. Yet, for now, I will return to New York and wear my favorite ripped boyfriend jeans and converses and tint my lips with a shade of red, but what I will do, is keep my sun kissed skin and my Floridan memories of surfer boys and lack of clothing.


    By Vogue Giambri 






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