• La Jolla || Part I

    The Jewel is our home and our favorite thing to do is romp around and enjoy it's beauty in our favorite looks

    Our first stop was to one of La Jolla's many murals.  

    Murals of La Jolla was conceived in 2010 as a means to enhance the civic character of the community by commissioning public art projects on private property throughout La Jolla. It is a project of the Athenaeum initiated by the La Jolla Community Foundation.  It makes every turn in La Jolla a little more exciting as you are often surprised by an extra large fun mural in front of you like the one below.


    This colorful piece is by RICHARD ALLEN MORRIS and conjures up associations with frosting on cakes or scoops of ice scream.

    We threw on our favorite Faithfull the Brand Romper, a Greenpacha Hat, a feathered armband and coin necklace and we felt pretty yummy ourselves.

    Model @kotaparrish

    Photographer @bobbyprom


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